The fault of the ignorant

Does evil do who sins without having the knowledge that he is sinning?

Can we blame to those who act against reason, but not knowing this truth beforehand?

The evil, the true nature of evil can be all of that is against of the nature of the rational, but if we don’t know principles and values how can we blame those who act against something that they didn’t knew?

The nature of been guilty is something that’s belong to the rationals those making use of its reason, acts against it.

Is our duty as rational animals to, first, educate ourselves in differents arts, not neglecting any regarding our personal perception of it, instead, understanding that arts exists for a reason and is part of the human develop. Second, act in accord of our reason, with values and obbeding what is just, not without meanwhile questioning what is fair and what we do, we would be offending ourselves, as thinking animals, if we don’t question what we do and we only do what we are told. Third, teach our neighbor in two ways, the first through our just actions, second, directly by making him understand why what he does is against himself or the whole.

12 thoughts on “The fault of the ignorant”

  1. I don’t disagree with your thoughts here, it is deeper than that. To agree to a set of societal principles as a people, is one thing. To agree to a religious set of principles is another. The two can co-exist quite adequately, should the one set of values be built upon the other. It is also should and as a species or animals equipped with the ability to reason, we stand above the other species (as far as is known) in this characteristic.
    The fact that we are equipped with an ability to reason is a great asset, however the indoctrination used to build morals, reason and rationality will dictate what is and is not evil and what is.
    The problem then becomes living by the set of principles you have been equipped with. Example Germany of the 1930-40’s. An entire country of people, who lived by a set of principles yet put aside those principles by a force which subverted those principles, and for the most part hid their evil from view of the common individual, and exterminated those who discovered it. That is history, available to any sentient human will to explore that past.
    Present day examples are right in front of all of us. A people living by a set of morals built on principles of long standing, which are now being torn down from within by the evil that is willing to subvert those morals and principles to which all have obeyed for several centuries thru the creation of false truths, false knowledge, and false values. Though this subversion has been know for many years, the failure of one human to stand up for their values and morals, in the face of another, could be viewed as failed to see and address. The sin would then really be that they saw the tearing down of the agreed upon pillars their existence was built, those of morals, values, intelligence and reason, and did little or nothing to stop it.
    Humans because of their abilities are incapable of living by natures law, and must agree upon their own set of truths to be able to reason. Destroy that reason with false truths and humans have nothing left but natures law, which is as we all know a prey/predator relationship.
    The true sin therefore is 2 fold, and humans when taught evil as reason….will reason with evil intent. Human not taught to reason using evil but a set of agree upon principle will reason another way. The sin is not using reason to defeat the evil that besets you.

  2. You’re so cool! I don’t suppose I have read anything like that before.

    So good to discover somebody with some genuine thoughts on this subject.
    Really.. many thanks for starting this up. This website is something that’s needed
    on the web, someone with a little originality!

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